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Step 1 - What You Can Get Here?

Mon Jun 12, 2017 4:44 pm

Overall our forum is free community for Android developers and publishers - however, some topics need to stay in shadow. Blackhat and greyhat need to be hidden and limited to ... stay "blackhat". If Google get know about our techniques, it cannot be blackhat any more.

Our forum offer is VIP BLACKHAT membership what can give you access to:

-ebook "Stop This Bullhshit" about greyhat and blackhat techniques in Google Play

-access to source codes, apps and games made by VIP users, bought on Chupa/Codecanyon and other services. Over 1000+ source codes worth more than $20 000 if you want to buy every single code outside this forum

-access to closed forums where over 200 members are talking about blackhat and greyhat methods, you can ask your questions and get response same day, don't worry, we all know blackhat

If you are interested to this, go to Step 2 and read about Ebook