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Ideas everywhere, it's HOW you do it in a new way!

Sat Jun 03, 2017 8:38 am

Hello everyone,

I'm glad to join this forum and i hope it will grow more and more by time, i think we as developers need to be more opened about our ideas and the experience & knowledge we have, i think idea's are everywhere but the difference is HOW you do it in a way that adds new added value on the table even if you clone the same idea (take whatsapp & telegram for example) . the app market is huge it's like Pepsi and Cocacola both sells water and sugar and both still eat the cake. plz correct me if my example is wrong.

I understand why many dev's prefer to stay silent, it's like we found ourselves in the middle of a gold mine and when someone finds a piece of gold or a diamond we prefer to put it in our pocket ASAP and keep mining in the same area while looking left and right to make sure no one sees what you hide there LOL :P :ugeek:

I think we need to find a new way of communication between developers in a way that is useful for all. Think about it: Google, Admob & others ad companies... they dont pay you 1$ unless they make at least 100x out of it! They are all united as a team but WE are divided like small enemies in a deathmatch map lol, that's why we are weak and sometimes pathetic!

* what if we make a worldwide developer's Strike against Google? :D :idea:

i just wanted to say what is inside my head (sorry about my poor English). that we might make more money if we are more open to each other about app ideas.

On the other side, i have some general questions and i would like to find correct answers. (i think many developer have the same questions too)

1. is it normal to have multiple google play accounts with many apps (in a good standing) that all are connected to one Admob account?
2. is it a violation if i send a push notification to my user's, when pressed it opens a screen inside my app with one of the following:
A. a YouTube link when pressed plays youtube video or open it in youtube app?
B. a message with a short URL that asks user's to download my own apps on Google play or other app stores?
C. a message that asks user's to support my app by rating 5 stars?

Thank you!

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Re: Ideas everywhere, it's HOW you do it in a new way!

Sat Jun 03, 2017 10:10 am

Most of what you say make sense, but they are also quite naive.
We live in a competitive world. My opinion is that we should always try help and guide others towards something that works, but honestly if I found something that is unique, I would not share it. Noone would, I think.

1. It is all OK to have many GP accounts, it is not illegal. The only problem is that if one gets banned, the others will get banned too. It is why we try to keep all GP accounts far separate and different from each other.
Other than that, I am currently using an Admob acct for 3GP accounts. In the past I had used this same Admob account with one GP account which eventually got banned. The Admob ads IDs of course got suspended, but the account is still in good standing and somehow they did not seem to be able to connect it with the rest GP accounts I am using it currently.

2. I personally avoid PUSH completely. I know it can be used and bring good results, but it also is scarily grey sometimes. Especially C is not allowed, you can ask for review but you should not ask for 5 stars. You need to ask for honest review.

A is also tricky, Youtube video should belong to you and not break any rules/copyright.

For B, probably you can recommend other apps you got,, but I would not do it.

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