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Cycle - Ad Network Reviews - Airpush

Thu May 18, 2017 5:42 pm

This time I want to start with mini regular cycle - ad network reviews where I am going to review each ad network alone. I want to start with the most popular in 2011-2013 ad network - Airpush.

Company: Airpush INC
Payment methods: Tipalti (external payment processor allows to instant payments for PayPal, Wire Transfer, Check, ACH). In my experience, I had payments always on time, processed excatly the same day as in their TOS and schedule.
Payment schedule:
-weekly ($600 minimum earned / week) and they activate weekly payments for you automaticaly (every Friday in net7)
-net 45 (below $600 / week), every 15th after 30 days

Ad Units: 360banner (animated banned with video, animated gifs etc. always half screen), smartwall (interesititial with video ads, landing pages, full screen ads, half screen ads - adjust automaticaly), icon ads (prohibited in Play Store), notification ads (prohibited in Play Store), banner ads (very low fill rate).

Average ecpm - depends to your location, usualy $0,70 to $2 max
Dashboard update - every 1 hour
Fillrate - fluctuating, one month 70%, next month 100%

SDK - one generated to one developer, SDK is not unique if you want it to use with multiple account and can generate ban hammers (Prior violations). I suggest you to change package name of SDK with APKtool. SDK is not also modern, requires location permissions.

Support: skype, email and live chat(not always offline).
ADS Quality: very poor, we have antivirus ads, sms ads, russian apk downloading, even sometimes porn (they banned these ads, thx God) but it this trash we have also Mazda, Toyota, Samsung, McDonald, KFC. Hard to review it.


I don't know what to say more and what is a future of Airpush as they need a solid update. Personaly I've earned with them $400 000 in 4 years, so it's worth to try.

Next cycle review - Startapp

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